Coarsegold Conservation District


Coarsegold Conservation District

General Information

Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs) are local units of government organized by local residents under State law. Districts operate on the premise that local people know more about local problems than anyone else.

The Coarsegold Resource Conservation District (CRCD) is considered a legal subdivision of the State of California. Under state law, the CRCD is responsible for soil and water conservation work within its boundaries. The district governing board is appointed, and it is their job to plan and carry out long-range programs based on the conservation work needed in their area. At the request of the CRCD board, The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) assigns a district conservationist and a staff to provide technical assistance to the district and its cooperating land users.
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534,380 Acres

Date of Formation:  November 7, 1968

Governing Body: Five member Board of Directors, 4 year staggered terms, unpaid, appointed by Madera County Board of Supervisors

Enabling Act:  Public Resources Code 9074

Primary land use: Ranching, Recreational, Forestry

Mission Statement

The mission of the Coarsegold Resource Conservation District is to promote, protect, and improve the diverse natural resources of Eastern Madera County. Mission goals to promote stewardship are:

  • Demonstrating conservation practices with co-operative land users
  • Provide information and assistance
  • Educating the public in resource conservation and enhancement methods
  • Provide technical, scientific, legal, and professional advise to public agencies on the social, cultural, and economic impact of land use on the environs of all life forms, ownership, and natural resources

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