Coarsegold Conservation District


Coarsegold Conservation District


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Jay Seslowe
Raymond, CA 93653

I have a BS degree in Agricultural Biology. I began my career as an Agricultural Biologist/Agricultural Inspector for the Orange County Department of the Agricultural Commissioner. I retired from the Madera County Department of the Agricultural Commissioner as an Assistant Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of Weights & Measures. My wife Sharon and I live on 22 acres in Raymond with our horses, donkeys, sheep and dogs.
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Aaron Kern
Vice President
North Fork, CA 93643
(559) 877-5800

I was born and raised in North Fork, California.  I grew up on a homestead turned farm where we live off-the-grid and run on over 90% alternative energies and irrigate the farm from nearly all gravity. 
Since farms are one of the most interconnected and dependent upon the well-being of the environment and its natural resources, I decided to join the CRCD to be politically involved in the protection of said resources.
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Marcia Freedman
Oakhurst, CA 93644
(559) 642-4736

I was born and raised in the New York Metropolitan Area and, later, was a resident of Los Angeles for twenty years. I’ve been a lifelong hiker, backpacker and camper, and in 1999 decided I’d had enough of city life and relocated to Oakhurst. While hiking in the area I became acquainted with Willow Creek and began researching its history. In 2013 my book, Willow Creek History: Tales of Cow Camps, Shake Makers and Basket Weavers was released by The History Press. I have a PhD in Educational Psychology from the University of Southern California and, until recently, taught psychology and child development at community college.

Executive Director

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Anne Lombardo
Executive Director
Oakhurst, CA 93644

Anne Melrose has a B.A. in Environmental Studies and a Single Subject teaching credential. After teaching middle school science in Los Angeles she has moved on to a science translation/public relations position with the University of California Cooperative Extension Agency out of Mariposa, working on a forest research project called the Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Project, SNAMP. On her off hours she has enjoyed the company of horses most her life and enjoys being out of doors.

NRCS Advisor

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Jennifer Johnson
District Conservationist
425 N. Gateway, Suite K
Madera, CA 93637
(559) 674-2108

In 1998 Jenny began her career with Natural Resources Conservation Service in Davis after receiving a BS degree in Animal Science and Management from UC Davis. A move to the San Joaquin Valley brought her to the Fresno Area Office in 1999 and shortly thereafter she joined the Madera Field Office team as Soil Conservationist. She has been District Conservationist for the Madera Field Office since 2010.

Madera Field Office Staff: District Conservationist (DC) Jenny Johnson, Rangeland Management Specialist Dennis Dudley; Soil Conservationists Sheryl Feit & Priscilla Baker, Soil Conservation Technician Darren Holguin, and Farm Bill Program Assistant Mira Dick

The NRCS provides leadership in a partnership effort to help people conserve, maintain, and improve our natural resources and environment. NRCS conservationists bring needed technical and financial tools to plan and fund projects that will protect soil, water, air, plants, and animals on private land.

Associate Directors

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John Kilburn
Associate Director - Web Specialist
North Fork, CA 93643
(559) 877-4196

John has a BM in music composition and has been composing and performing a wide variety of music styles, including Classical, Jazz, World, Rock and Electronica music for the past 30 years. He enjoys fusing instruments and styles from around the world to create unique blends of acoustic and electronic music for the orchestral, chamber, and band ensembles used in his many film and other music projects

In the early '90s he purchased a beautiful 160 acres in the Sierra Foothills where he created an intentional community called Three Springs, focused on sustainable living. He also created a non-profit community center, in the nearby small town, called "The North Fork Studio", with a mission to bring cultural and educational opportunities to the local community.
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Barbara Grow
Associate Director
Education Specialist

North Fork, CA 93643
559) 877-7047

Barbara is a retired substitute and full time teacher. She served as a 4-H leader for 32 years, with 15 years, leading her own three boys and other North Fork children.

Barbara and her husband, John, live on 30 acres, managing its resources, gardening, raising livestock, fruit trees and their five grandchildren, when they visit. Barbara and John are active in community and church service and have lived in the Coarsegold Resource Conservation District for 31 years.

Tom Wheeler
(559) 877-2422

Charles Sikora
(559) 658–7599

Donald Nielson 
 (559) 673-0885

Former Directors history

Al C. Veater 1968 1973
Herbert A. Button 1968 1969
John G. Moser 1968 1969
S.N.(Buck) DeMasters 1968 1971
James Klippert 1968 1994
Charles Randall Chandler 1969 1971
Carl Trower 1969 1978
Dario Boria 1971 1973
A. B. Wilcox 1971 1973
Walter Ellis 1973 1990
Don McLean 1973 1978
Ned McDougald 1976 1990
Bruce Bruscia 1978 1986
Lonnie Cornwell 1978 1984
Willard Nelson 1984 1995
Mary Johnston 1986 1989
Robert L. Peckinpah 1989 1997
June A. Coyle 1990 1997
Ronald Severe 1990 2000
George Stafford 1993 1996
Gena Hopkins 1993 1995
Tom Wheeler 1994 2010
Larry Ballew 1995 2010
Robert B. Lindley 1995 1997
Neil McDougald 1996 2012
Kelley Neville 1997 2011
Alan Rosasco 1997 2012
Nancy Beavers 1997 2012
Ron Roberts 1997 1997
Judy Norby 2000 2002
Ralph (Ernie) Beck 2002 2010
Douglas Bowman 2010 2013
Donald Nielson 2010 2012
Fred Mahony 2011 2012
Robert Buckles 2012 2013
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