Trash being collected at Manzanita Lake, CA from a CalRecycle grant sponsored trash pick-up

Cal Recycle Trash Clean Up

We have completed our second grant round with Cal Recycle to clean up illegal dump sites in the Sierra National Forest.  We have cleaned up over 10 sites, from Mammoth Pool to Bass Lake. Tires, tons of  trash, couches and even cars have been picked up with the help of Keith Horton and his crew with All Right Recycling.

There is an ongoing problem where people dump their household trash on the side of the road in the forest, instead of disposing of it properly at the dump. We have trouble understanding this mind set that has no respect for the land. We are currently exploring the use of cameras to identify those that feel that dumping their trash on others land is a solution.


“To leave the world better than you found it, sometimes you have to pick up other people’s trash.”

― Bill Nye, Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation

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